Rant of the day

I should be an academic, people keep stealing my bloody ideas for their thesis. Been happening for years now. #wedesignstudentsarentstupid


Future of the Left

Just to warn, this is going to be ranty as fuck.

So we all know what’s happening in London. For me it’s pretty weird, because I’m not talking to people in pubs, shops or at home about it. All I see commentary wise is from Facebook and it’s obvious we’re in a fucking mess in the UK. I am  a homeless socialist, I am very much left of centre, but I refuse to ally myself with a party because I know too many intelligent people who are slowly losing their own opinions to follow a party line (I know they’re going to say no, they agree with the party but that’s not the case).

Anyway. Things I’m getting sick of.

1. People quoting from a certain forum and calling it “context”. You want some fucking context? Charles Menezes was killed by police for wearing a ruck sack on the subway and looking foreign several years ago. A couple of weeks ago, 90 Norwegians were murdered. most of them teenagers, by a scarily deluded individual with some pretty fucked up ideas on society. What happened here? A man with an illegal firearm was shot as police tried to arrest him. I’m not saying his death is justified; killing never is, but this is blatent oppurtunism.

2. The leftwing being contrary for the sake of it. “We should support the workers of NOTW, shame on you for supporting it’s closure”. Right, so I’m support these people that have made a living printing articles that stir up hatred (paeditricians getting their house attacked) and hacking into peoples phones (and this isn’t even me going into the ideology of the paper) when they get 3 months pay and offered jobs within the company? Fuck the fucking fuck off. The above argument suggests we need the owners of means of production like Rupert Murdoch for employment, which suggests we need capitalism, which I find very hard to agree with as a socialist… Just stop being awkward, kay?

3. Patronising rhetoric: the left (in Scotland atleast) in comparable to Monty Python: “Are you the People’s Front of Judea?” ‘No, we’re the Judean People’s Front!” There are factions all over the shop that just refuse to engage with each other. There’s one faction in particular who are the most middle class, patronising fuckers on the planet, calling everyone “liberal” disparagingly who disagrees with what they say, and quote obscure dates to justify what they say. The vanguard of the working class? Get your head out your ass and see what it’s like growing up in a shite neighbourhood where university was never even spoken about as a future, and stop levelling being a student with being the working class. I’ll admit freely: that wasn’t my upbringing and I’m a student. I know I’m priviliged. Being in America is making me realise that even more so, it’s not unusual to have never left the country and education here costs more than a house. I’m not saying that that means I can’t be a socialist because of this, but don’t patronise and put words into people’s mouths and don’t tell them what their struggles are because they fucking know already more than you ever will. In Berkeley, CA I feel the same way towards the kids begging on the street with more expensive looking clothes than I own. Don’t be that prick. Engage.  Work together. It’s a waste of enrgy being an agitator towards a group with almost the exact same views as you. This constant bickering is why the left isn’t taken seriously in Scotland anymore. I’m not saying that every member of a socialist party is a middle class student, just to point out, but the vocal ones with the patronising rhetoric tend to be. Also, you could try being nice to people that are vaguely sympathetic, even they’re not political, or just don’t want to join a party.

4. Solidarity with every fucking thing under the sun.

It’s too far when you say we should stand in solidarity with looters and undirected violence.

Rant over. I don’t know what to say about London. Being away and seeing the photos, it’s pretty shocking. This is different that the student protests: that had anger and a direction for it. This is oppurtunism. I’m sure people are angry, there’s a lot to be angry about, but that does not justify some of the shocking things I’ve seen on the news. I hope what politicians realise is there’s something really wrong here, even if there is no list of demands. If society is willing to do this at the drop of a hat, we need to see where we’re failing. They whole thing is embarassing though. In other countries, people are on the streets protesting for their freedom, while we’re raiding shops. I think a reality check is also in order. If you really want to be rebellious, try actually using your brains and think for yourself.

(side note: pretty amused by the crap the Kaiser Chiefs are getting on their fb page…)

What I’ve learnt being in America for a month

1. They have drive thru banks here.

2. Scottish diets aren’t at all shocking.

3. In California, people are more offended by tobacco smoke than weed.

4. Medical marijuana is a bit of a joke, a nurse gave me brownies on a train… (though I do believe it is beneficial in a lot of cases)

5. We have it so lucky in the UK, socially system wise.

6. In Chicago you ask for directions, you get told bus stops and “el” lines. In California, driving directions. Walking? pah.

7. It gets to 40C in Chicago. And people say it’s cold?

8. There is indeed a restaurant in Los Angeles called the Gorbals, and the food is pretty damn good.

9. Southern California’s transit system sucks harder than a blowjob from a vacuum cleaner. It can take 1.5 hours to get 10 miles.

10. Compton does not  look that scary from the metro.

11. They deep fry sushi here. MIND BLOWN.

12. Warehouse shows here are far cheaper and a lot more fun than ones in the UK.

13. Friendly bus drivers exist here. For real.

14. Vegan food is amazing here. Also, AVOCADOES. And properly hot chilli sauce.

15. The cities here are generally shorter than uk ones, but the tall building are fucking tall.

16. Us Brits know feck all about mexican food.

17. Some people here can’t tell the difference between Irish and Scottish. I they seem to people Scotland is Northern Ireland…

18. You just can’t do Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in Chicago anymore 😦

19. People really do own guns.

20. Directions here are given by street intersections.

Anyway, that’s enough for just now, there’s sun outside and LA to see…