Videos that have warped my mind over the last few months…

In our modern age, one thing we see when we’re travelling is other country’s funny shit. You also hear about news stories that just didn’t make it back home. Here’s a collection of stuff that blew/warped my mind… proceed with caution.

Ok, this gets on here because I made it. Making music videos and listening to the same song on repeat is enough to drive anyone mad. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, and Spitting Daggers is an amazing album. Everyone go check it out.)

So, on to the travels. If you think this is scary, my friend Kyle took me to this festival. Holy shit, Bitchpork is awesome.

Another one from someone in Chicago. Who ever thought this up is a genius

More puppets.

This may be my new favourite programme. Tom Waits, Willem Defoe, Jim Jarmusch going fishing with John Lurie round the world. Absolute genius.

So this is an interesting one. A chinese legend, curse words, and a protest against internet censorship.

Don’t blow bubbles at a Canadian protest, or make fun of that guy. Even if he can’t arrest you, he’ll sue you.

So here’s something from video class. The Beaver kid is amazing, try and see it if you can. What started as a guy testing out his new camera turned into a suicide attempt, and Sean Penn and Crispin Glover impersonating Olivia Newton-John.

Speaking of Crispin Glover…


I’d put an Allison Kobayashi video in here if I could, but she doesn’t have anything online as far as I’m aware, but check it out if you can. She’s awesome.

Chelsea McMullan is another Canadian artist who’s work I’ve fallen for. Not to Be is awesome, as is Derailments. This girl is 27. It just makes me want to step up my game.

So the Occupy movement is such a crazy thing. Completely under reported or recognised, yet the amount of police brutality towards peaceful protest is… well. Shocking, and a sign of the times we live in. Northern CA has seen some of the most shocking behaviour, this along with pensioners being tear gassed and students at UC Davis being pepper sprayed while having a sit down protest. The right the police have to impose force is not for “compliance” as they say. It’s to protect people. It is not right to use force against people who are not harming, or threatening anyone.

I saw this today. Oh how I love the country I’m returning to. If she wasn’t holding a kid, she’d be lucky to get off that tram without being hit. At least I’ve seen the strength of people against racism in Glasgow when the EDL turned up.

To end on a double wammy of scary.

I was vegan before.


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