What I’ve learnt being in America for a month

1. They have drive thru banks here.

2. Scottish diets aren’t at all shocking.

3. In California, people are more offended by tobacco smoke than weed.

4. Medical marijuana is a bit of a joke, a nurse gave me brownies on a train… (though I do believe it is beneficial in a lot of cases)

5. We have it so lucky in the UK, socially system wise.

6. In Chicago you ask for directions, you get told bus stops and “el” lines. In California, driving directions. Walking? pah.

7. It gets to 40C in Chicago. And people say it’s cold?

8. There is indeed a restaurant in Los Angeles called the Gorbals, and the food is pretty damn good.

9. Southern California’s transit system sucks harder than a blowjob from a vacuum cleaner. It can take 1.5 hours to get 10 miles.

10. Compton does not  look that scary from the metro.

11. They deep fry sushi here. MIND BLOWN.

12. Warehouse shows here are far cheaper and a lot more fun than ones in the UK.

13. Friendly bus drivers exist here. For real.

14. Vegan food is amazing here. Also, AVOCADOES. And properly hot chilli sauce.

15. The cities here are generally shorter than uk ones, but the tall building are fucking tall.

16. Us Brits know feck all about mexican food.

17. Some people here can’t tell the difference between Irish and Scottish. I they seem to people Scotland is Northern Ireland…

18. You just can’t do Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in Chicago anymore 😦

19. People really do own guns.

20. Directions here are given by street intersections.

Anyway, that’s enough for just now, there’s sun outside and LA to see…


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