Video exclusive.. no, wait…

So I made a video for Sparrow and the Workshop and in some bizarre turn of events, it went live way earlier than it was meant to, which meant I only found out about it from a Portuguese blog… strange times. Pretty bemused by it all. Pair this with the fact I’m leaving the country in less than 24 hours for 6 months, my head is SPINNING. Anyway, here’s the video, made with £50 and some help from some friends (very much in debt to Vilte Vaitkute for the online editing) But anyway, here’s the video:

I’m having kittens over seeing it posted in The Music Slut as I’ve been reading it for… well, years. But yeah. And by the way, Spitting Daggers is a fucking great album. I’m not just saying this, but look out for the other videos being done… they’re gonna look great and they’re great songs.

I really appreciate the support and patience my friends have had with me over the last two months, and I really mean it. Thank you.

In other news, this is me leaving. The bags are almost packed, the goodbyes mostly said. I’m terrified, excited, happy and sad. It’s gonna be hard leaving some people and knowing they’ll be in far off lands when I’m back. Anthea in particular, who is gonna be back in Melbourne soon enough. I’LL MISS YOU.

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