So much news

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, but I’ve been so busy. So. Very. Goddamn. Busy.  I actually have aching muscles just now. So I’m going to make this quick.

1. I’ve got my grades back for the year: A in studio and in theory. Fuck yeah.
2. I’ve been accepted to NSCAD in Nova Scotia, Canada. So I’ll be there for a while then.
3. I’m still keeping this one under wraps a bit, but here’s a wee something…


1 concept, 2 solutions


Not so good:

Why? Because the words on the cube are relating to colour. I’m not sure. I think the focus should be on something that can be understood. Would a Rubiks cube with random concepts on it written on it have been as successful?

(I stayed up watching election footage hence why I’m lacking coherence. Independent Scotland?)

A Royal Affair

I took part in an exhibition in the art school “celebrating” the recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they’re known now. I made commemorative plates an invited people to smash them. Hell, it was fun. And funny, when Bruce Peter (one of the tutors) took his shoe off and thumped one. For the rest of the exhibition, have a wee gander here.

Greek Wedding Shy

(apologies for the blurry camera phone photo. Thanks to Rosie, Scott and Chris for the photos, and to everyone else that was part of the exhibition, and all who came!)