So it’s been over a week. I’ve got a few things to say.

1. Egypt – fuck yeah. Solidarity there. It might be a cliché, but government should be scared of the people, and never the other way round. It’s great to see that Muburak is not going to run for election again, though if the people want him to leave now, I hope that is respected. And I hope he’s not replaced by another authoritarian.

2. The occupation of the Hetherington Research Club – FUCK YES. This made me happy. Not the occupation itself, but the way the occupation has been held. It’s now a student run area for students, with lectures and a free kitchen. Also, they’re taking an empty building and giving it a new life, rather than disrupting classes. I’m so excited, going to go down when I get some time and give them my support.

This is positive protest.
This is what will work.
Again, solidarity with the students of Glasgow Uni.

3. Slightly more personal one, will everyone just calm the fuck down a bit? Everyone I know seems to be going a bit doo-lally. Maybe something’s in the water. On a similar note, I can’t wait till the people I know in 4th year get their dissertations in. I’ll actually get some of my friends back.

4. Speaking of uni, my assessments went more awesome than I could have imagined. Yay. Next, RISD application.

5. I couldna gie a shite if the White Stripes broke up or no. Controversial as an indie fan?

Finally, happy Chinese New Year! Cakes from Wah Kee for lunch tomorrow? Yum.

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