Music videos that I adore #1: Smells Like Content

As a kid, the one genre of film that I fell in love with was the music video. If you told me 10 years ago that I’d want to be a filmmaker, I wouldn’t have believed you. I very rarely watched feature lengths, till the age of about 15. Maybe I’m just a product of the ADD generation, who can’t focus on something for more than 5 minutes. On the other hand, I was convinced I was going to be a musician for years.

That influence still lives on, and to me, how sound and visuals interact is so, so important. They can make or destroy each other. Which is why I still hold the music video in high regard. It’s also one of the only opportunities out there to make a short film, a piece of self contained art in collaboration with someone.

I haven’t watched this since I saw The Books in Barcelona last May at Primavera Festival. They were one of the best things I saw all weekend. I was so ecstatic when they swapped slots and I didn’t miss them. Damn it, I missed Pavement to see ’em. I didn’t realise they used visuals in their live shows.

Watching this again, I still love it. Being a language fiend, with a love to playing with sound vs. visual, I just love this. And it’s one hell of a song.

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