Decide your own life: hobos

Today, we use the word hobo to refer to bum, though this is not an accurate definition. While there are similarities, hobos are wandering vagrants who work where they can get it. The term likely originated from Midwest USA, for those who would ride for free via freight trains during the Great Depression, to try their chances for work in a different city.

They even have a code and annual conventions. The hobo ethical code is quite an amazing read. It’s all about respect, and being a respectable member of society, despite being a hobo.

Point no. 1? Decide your own life.

I’ve always found the lifestyle fascinating, but one thing that really has caught my attention over the years is the language. Differing from country to country, hobos have developed a system to help each other, to warn of police or to mention that a kind woman lives there who will help them. I wonder where these symbols came from.

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