Web Comics

I’ve recently been thinking about what areas in my work I want or need to develop, and the big one that has come up for me is narrative. My problem (I think) is I come up with concepts and visuals without any real story. I find it funny when people put one to some of my films, to be honest.

Web comics is one interesting example to look at with narratives, as many take different approaches. Some go for one story a week, others have a continuous plot, and some are self standing. Here’s some different ones I love:

Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half is potentially closer to illustrated stories than webcomics, but still completely deserving of a mention. Childish MS paint drawings just capture Allie’s hilarious childhood memories. And it reminds you how simple it is to show despair, elation or anger. Have a read though, it actually leaves me in tears of laughter.

Just look at the despair on her Mary's face


Questionable Content

Questionable Content is probably the web comic I’ve been reading longest. It started as a astory of some 20 something hipsters figuring out life after uni through indie music references. While there was always a glimmer of plot, each strip has it’s own punchline. Over time, the plot and artwork has changed dramatically. One thing I find interesting is how much story you can portray in 4 boxes, and how much is actually down to text, and how much is the visuals. Girls with Slingshots is another example, though even more plot focused.

Rock, Paper, Cynic

One photo, some text: detournement in a hilarious fashion

Scandinavia and the World

Finally, just some observations about how strange the world is. Mostly that little bit we call Scandinavia. There are hints of plot, that mostly follow world history and the ever-changing alliances.

It's so true

Please check all them out, even if for no other reason except that they’re hilarious!

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