Girl With Curious Hair

I’m slightly struggling to come up with a lot of visual ideas for the moving image project coming up on the story, “Girl With Curious Hair” by David Foster Wallace. I understand the story, where it’s coming from and its intentions, but as a visual stimuli? It’s going to be a challenge.

And what the hell. I like challenges.

Coming soon: personal project which I’m super excited about, as well as the font I’m working on! Just need to get through the assessment first…

Anyway, it’s a new year! To be honest, despite what you might think if you bumped into me at certain points (I mean, a lot of shite things happened) 2010 was a blast. I got paid to play with videos. I hitchhiked round Iceland for 1.5 months. I’ve made friends with some of the coolest, sweetest, sincere, bizarre people I’ve come across and generally come across less assholes. I went to Barcelona by myself and left knowing people were excited to see me there and even more crazy, went there because of me. On top of it all, I got a freaking artist residency at an international film festival. Crazy, amazing year, but I’ve got a feeling 2011 might be better. Pulp have reformed and a roots and fruits is opening beside my flat.

So I’m leaving you with some happy, happy music from two kids from Pratt Institute (which happens to be one of the schools I’m considering applying to for an exchange…) I love the song, which is one thing, but the video is sweet as. So little space, most expensive thing is either that taxi ride or the leccy bill for that fridge and pixilation!

I’ve noticed pixilation has become the “in” thing recently… which worries me. It’s one form of animation I love. I’ve been doing it for years, but will it be out of fashion when I leave art school?

Or, is this just motivation to branch out, be more original and make it my own?

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