I mentioned last month that I was taking part in an exhibition, and here’s what I exhibited! It was a bit scary as I had to produce a new piece while most other people had work from the previous year. I’m really happy with it, and the fucked up moniter it was displayed on really helped. The sound on this is a bit of an experiment, an edit of “3704/3837” by Ólafur Arnalds. I like the structure of the music, even if I’m not fond of the metal section… What do you think? The music was eventually replaced by white noise during the exhibition though that was mainly because there were no headphones…


unknown hypnogogia

Most recent project exploring the words “unknown hypnogogia”. It’s based on false awakenings, when you dream that you’ve woken up and don’t realise you’re still asleep. It’s happened to me several times. Quite annoying if you’ve dreamt that you’re at uni and then realise you aren’t, which I have.

so sleepy.

Before I go to bed (read as work on something for next week’s exhibition, here’s some old loves I’ve redRyan McGinleyiscovered.

1. Ryan McGinley

Still one of my favourite photographers, though I can’t quite pin down why. I think he just captures a part of life and growing up that is lost, or has no focus as everyone is either looking back, or forwards… or are too wasted to really remember the present.

2. Belle and Sebastian

Ryan McGinley named one of his exhibitions after the song “I Know Where The Summer Goes”, so there’s the link between to two. They were one of my favourite bands, but I’ve not really listened to them much in the last few years. Considering I’m rediscovering my love for Glasgow as a whole, I guess this is a good time to rediscover them.

And the last one, I’ve forgotten. Because I’m SO SLEEPY.