David Clark’s “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” is a rather odd website I was directed to the other day, but now seems relevant to our current brief, which is create a map of the terrain of Visual Communication. Instead of a linear approach, 88 Constellations relates different points about Wittgenstein’s work and life to different constellations, and allows you to explore through association, represented by the different parts of a constellation.


Yr. 2

So I’ve made it into 2nd year. So, from now on, this blog is going to be used as a way to document research and inspiration, as well as posting reminders to myself of projects to finish. To start documenting my research, here’s what I presented to the class as a piece of design I love.
I love this poster from Roland Tiangco. I like anything that encourages people to get their hands dirty.

Taking part in an exhibition at the Vic at the art school on the 11th. No idea what I’m putting in. Fun times.